Nature子刊:Food Compass评分可用于健康饮食的指导
  • 纳入47999名美国成年参与者,通过健康饮食指数(HEI-2015)、临床风险因素、健康状况及全因死亡率,验证Food Compass评分(iFCS)的准确性;
  • 全国范围内iFCS的平均值为35.5,与HEI-2015高度相关(R=0.81);
  • 校正多变量后,iFCS每增加一个标准差,与BMI、收缩压、舒张压、LDL-胆固醇、HDL-胆固醇、HbA1c及空腹血糖的改善相关,并与代谢综合征、心血管疾病、肿瘤及肺病的发病率、全因死亡率降低相关,同时与心血管代谢健康改善相关。
Food Compass是一种营养评价体系,用于评估食物、饮料及膳食的健康。Nature Communications上发表的一项前瞻性队列研究结果,在近5万名美国参与者中,验证了Food Compass评分的准确性:Food Compass评分与健康饮食指数高度相关,并与心血管代谢健康指标改善、多种疾病风险降低、全因死亡率降低相关。

Validation of Food Compass with a healthy diet, cardiometabolic health, and mortality among U.S. adults, 1999–2018

1999—2018年间,美国成人的健康饮食、心血管代谢健康与死亡率的Food Compass验证


2022-11-22, Article

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The Food Compass is a nutrient profiling system (NPS) to characterize the healthfulness of diverse foods, beverages and meals. In a nationally representative cohort of 47,999 U.S. adults, we validated a person’s individual Food Compass Score (i.FCS), ranging from 1 (least healthful) to 100 (most healthful) based on cumulative scores of items consumed, against: (a) the Healthy Eating Index (HEI) 2015; (b) clinical risk factors and health conditions; and (c) all-cause mortality. Nationally, the mean (SD) of i.FCS was 35.5 (10.9). i.FCS correlated highly with HEI-2015 (R = 0.81). After multivariable-adjustment, each one SD (10.9 point) higher i.FCS associated with more favorable BMI (−0.60 kg/m2 [−0.70,−0.51]), systolic blood pressure (−0.69 mmHg [−0.91,−0.48]), diastolic blood pressure (−0.49 mmHg [−0.66,−0.32]), LDL-C (−2.01 mg/dl [−2.63,−1.40]), HDL-C (1.65 mg/d [1.44,1.85]), HbA1c (−0.02% [−0.03,−0.01]), and fasting plasma glucose (−0.44 mg/dL [−0.74,−0.15]); lower prevalence of metabolic syndrome (OR = 0.85 [0.82,0.88]), CVD (0.92 [0.88,0.96]), cancer (0.95 [0.91,0.99]), and lung disease (0.92 [0.88,0.96]); and higher prevalence of optimal cardiometabolic health (1.24 [1.16,1.32]). i.FCS also associated with lower all-cause mortality (HR = 0.93 [0.89,0.96]). Findings were similar by age, sex, race/ethnicity, education, income, and BMI. These findings support validity of Food Compass as a tool to guide public health and private sector strategies to identify and encourage healthier eating.

First Authors:
Meghan O'Hearn

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Meghan O'Hearn

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Meghan O'Hearn,Joshua Erndt-Marino,Suzannah Gerber,Brianna N Lauren,Christina Economos,John B Wong,Jeffrey B Blumberg,Dariush Mozaffarian