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  • 纳入1228名备孕女性数据,记录孕前25(OH)-D和高敏C反应蛋白(CRP)水平;
  • 总体来说,25(OH)-D水平较高的女性(≥30ng/mL)的后代为男性的概率增高26%;
  • 这种关联在慢性系统炎症的女性,即CRP水平较高的女性中,更为明显;
  • 孕前25(OH)-D水平与男婴活产的概率呈微弱的正相关;
  • 本研究提示,维生素D水平可能会减轻母体体内炎症失调状态,保护雄性胚胎的在子宫内的植入和存活,从而纠正性别比。

The role of maternal preconception vitamin D status in human offspring sex ratio



05-13, Article

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Evolutionary theory suggests that some animal species may experience shifts in their offspring sex ratio in response to maternal health and environmental conditions, and in some unfavorable conditions, females may be less likely to bear sons. Experimental data in both animals and humans indicate that maternal inflammation may disproportionately impact the viability of male conceptuses; however, it is unknown whether other factors associated with both pregnancy and inflammation, such as vitamin D status, are associated with the offspring sex ratio. Here, we show that among 1,228 women attempting pregnancy, preconception 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentrations are positively associated with the live birth of a male infant, with notably stronger associations among women with elevated high sensitivity C-reactive protein, a marker of systemic low-grade inflammation. Our findings suggest that vitamin D may mitigate maternal inflammation that would otherwise be detrimental to the implantation or survival of male conceptuses in utero.

First Authors:
Alexandra C Purdue-Smithe

Correspondence Authors:
Sunni L Mumford

All Authors:
Alexandra C Purdue-Smithe,Keewan Kim,Carrie Nobles,Enrique F Schisterman,Karen C Schliep,Neil J Perkins,Lindsey A Sjaarda,Joshua R Freeman,Sonia L Robinson,Jeannie G Radoc,James L Mills,Robert M Silver,Aijun Ye,Sunni L Mumford