• 分析欧洲9个国家181个养猪场和178个养鸡场的动物粪便中的获得性耐药基因池(耐药组);
  • 猪和鸡的耐药组在丰度和组成上存在很大差异,且在国与国之间有显著差别;
  • 猪的抗生素耐药基因载荷更高,而鸡的耐药组多样性更大;
  • 鉴定出mcr-1和optrA等若干新发现的关键抗生素耐药基因,其丰度在宿主物种和国家间存在差异;
  • 总获得性抗生素耐药水平与国家特异的牲畜抗生素使用情况相关,但耐药基因功能与总体用药的关联性不强。
动物养殖中常用到抗生素,导致的抗生素耐药菌可能给人类健康带来威胁。Nature Microbiology的一项最新研究,用鸟枪法宏基因组学分析了欧洲9个国家共350多个养猪和养鸡场的耐药组情况,值得专业人士关注。
Nature Microbiology [IF:30.964]

Abundance and diversity of the faecal resistome in slaughter pigs and broilers in nine European countries



2018-07-23, Article

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Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in bacteria and associated human morbidity and mortality is increasing. The use of antimicrobials in livestock selects for AMR that can subsequently be transferred to humans. This flow of AMR between reservoirs demands surveillance in livestock and in humans. We quantified and characterized the acquired resistance gene pools (resistomes) of 181 pig and 178 poultry farms from nine European countries, sequencing more than 5,000 Gb of DNA using shotgun metagenomics. We quantified acquired AMR using the ResFinder database and a second database constructed for this study, consisting of AMR genes identified through screening environmental DNA. The pig and poultry resistomes were very different in abundance and composition. There was a significant country effect on the resistomes, more so in pigs than in poultry. We found higher AMR loads in pigs, whereas poultry resistomes were more diverse. We detected several recently described, critical AMR genes, including mcr-1 and optrA, the abundance of which differed both between host species and between countries. We found that the total acquired AMR level was associated with the overall country-specific antimicrobial usage in livestock and that countries with comparable usage patterns had similar resistomes. However, functionally determined AMR genes were not associated with total drug use.

First Authors:
Patrick Munk

Correspondence Authors:
Frank M Aarestrup

All Authors:
Patrick Munk,Berith Elkær Knudsen,Oksana Lukjancenko,Ana Sofia Ribeiro Duarte,Liese Van Gompel,Roosmarijn E C Luiken,Lidwien A M Smit,Heike Schmitt,Alejandro Dorado Garcia,Rasmus Borup Hansen,Thomas Nordahl Petersen,Alex Bossers,Etienne Ruppé,EFFORT Group,Ole Lund,Tine Hald,Sünje Johanna Pamp,Håkan Vigre,Dick J J Heederik,Jaap A Wagenaar,Dik Mevius,Frank M Aarestrup