• 57头中重度腹泻的犊牛分为3组,分别采用口服式粪菌移植(FMT)、抗生素和生理盐水治疗;
  • 与另两种疗法相比,FMT能显著缓解牛犊腹泻,缓解率95%,且无死亡;
  • 对牛犊粪便样本的纵向多组学分析表明,FMT改变腹泻犊牛的肠道菌群和粪便代谢组,增加紫单胞菌科细菌丰度,降低粪便氨基酸浓度,二者与腹泻缓解高度相关;
  • 持续2年的研究发现,FMT引起的肠道菌群改变可改善犊牛的生长性能,或与牛犊系统性代谢(血液代谢组)的改变有关。
在畜牧养殖中,犊牛腹泻多与肠道感染有关,传统的抗生素治疗可能会导致抗生素过度使用,造成耐药菌传播和抗生素残留等公共卫生问题。Nature Communications近期发表一项对牛犊的对照研究,表明粪菌移植不仅对缓解牛犊腹泻极为有效,还有助于改善牛犊的生长性能。

Longitudinal evaluation of fecal microbiota transplantation for ameliorating calf diarrhea and improving growth performance



2021-01-08, Article

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Calf diarrhea is associated with enteric infections, and also provokes the overuse of antibiotics. Therefore, proper treatment of diarrhea represents a therapeutic challenge in livestock production and public health concerns. Here, we describe the ability of a fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT), to ameliorate diarrhea and restore gut microbial composition in 57 growing calves. We conduct multi-omics analysis of 450 longitudinally collected fecal samples and find that FMT-induced alterations in the gut microbiota (an increase in the family Porphyromonadaceae) and metabolomic profile (a reduction in fecal amino acid concentration) strongly correlate with the remission of diarrhea. During the continuous follow-up study over 24 months, we find that FMT improves the growth performance of the cattle. This first FMT trial in ruminants suggest that FMT is capable of ameliorating diarrhea in pre-weaning calves with alterations in their gut microbiota, and that FMT may have a potential role in the improvement of growth performance.

First Authors:
Hyun Sik Kim,Tae Woong Whon

Correspondence Authors:
Jin-Woo Bae

All Authors:
Hyun Sik Kim,Tae Woong Whon,Hojun Sung,Yun-Seok Jeong,Eun Sung Jung,Na-Ri Shin,Dong-Wook Hyun,Pil Soo Kim,June-Young Lee,Choong Hwan Lee,Jin-Woo Bae