• 功能性肠病(即便秘和腹泻)指在常规诊断测试中无明显解剖或生理异常,由外周/中枢机制引起的胃肠感觉运动功能障碍,表现为腹痛、腹胀、排便习惯异常;
  • 可用治疗肠道紊乱的药物,必要时辅以疼痛管理;
  • 渗透性和刺激性泻药、促分泌素和5-羟色胺5-HT4受体激动剂用于治疗便秘;
  • 洛派丁胺、抗胆碱能药物、利福昔明、胆汁酸螯合剂、伊卢多啉和氯压定用于治疗腹泻;
  • TRP受体拮抗剂、蛋白酶激活受体抑制剂、IgE抑制剂等新药正在进行临床试验。

Existing and emerging therapies for managing constipation and diarrhea



2017-12-01, Review

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Functional bowel disorders (i.e., constipation and diarrhea) are characterized by abdominal pain, bloating, distention, and/or bowel habit abnormalities in the absence of obvious anatomic or physiologic abnormalities on routine diagnostic tests. These symptoms are attributable to gastrointestinal sensorimotor dysfunctions resulting from peripheral and/or central mechanisms. Available drugs target the underlying bowel disturbance (i.e., constipation, diarrhea, or both), supplemented when necessary by management of pain. Osmotic and stimulant laxatives, secretagogues, and serotonin 5-HT4 receptor agonists are approved for treating constipation. Loperamide, anticholinergic agents, rifaximin, bile-acid binding agents, eluxadoline, and clonidine are used to treat diarrhea. Several exciting new compounds, some of which have been evaluated in humans, are currently under development.

First Authors:
Adil E Bharucha

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Adil E Bharucha

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Adil E Bharucha,Mira M Wouters,Jan Tack