• 与人相关微生物群落参与到人类的发育过程;
  • 微生物视角提供了重新定义婴儿产前产后的健康生长发育状态、发展预防和治疗疾病创新策略的机会;
  • 本文系统介绍母亲相关微生态学、母乳和婴儿肠道菌群;
  • 号召建立“人类微生物观测台”,以检测婴儿中代表不同人类学特征的微生物种群的发育过程。
Nature [IF:43.07]

A microbial perspective of human developmental biology



2016-07-06, Perspective

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When most people think of human development, they tend to consider only human cells and organs. Yet there is another facet that involves human-associated microbial communities. A microbial perspective of human development provides opportunities to refine our definitions of healthy prenatal and postnatal growth and to develop innovative strategies for disease prevention and treatment. Given the dramatic changes in lifestyles and disease patterns that are occurring with globalization, we issue a call for the establishment of 'human microbial observatories' designed to examine microbial community development in birth cohorts representing populations with diverse anthropological characteristics, including those undergoing rapid change.

First Authors:
Mark R Charbonneau

Correspondence Authors:
Jeffrey I Gordon

All Authors:
Mark R Charbonneau,Laura V Blanton,Daniel B DiGiulio,David A Relman,Carlito B Lebrilla,David Andrew Mills,Jeffrey I Gordon